A Wedding Photography Duo Capturing Stylish Shots

A Wedding Photography Duo Capturing Stylish Shots

Do you know what’s better than one photographer capturing the magic of your wedding day? Two photographers! If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, fear not because today’s Supplier of the Day comes as a dynamic duo. Bart and Magda are the creative visionaries behind Light Creatif, a talented wedding photography team dedicated to capturing every second beautifully on your long-awaited big day. From the hearty laughter to the heartfelt tears, this pair will catch all the little and big moments for you to look back on in years to come…

A Passionate Wedding Photography Duo Capturing Beautiful Moments as They Happen

With a natural and relaxed approach to wedding photography, Light Creatif are a dream to work with. This pair are passionate about capturing genuine moments as they naturally unfold, their stylish images radiating light, joy and romance.

The beauty of working with Bart and Magda of Light Creatif is that they are masters at blending into the background on your big day allowing you to soak up every second with friends and family without any interruptions. They will offer gentle direction, of course, but you need not worry about posing for hours on end to get the shot. They offer just enough guidance to help put you at ease, ensuring you look your most beautiful and authentic in your wedding pics.

To check your dates, book Light Creatif or find out more information, visit lightcreatif.com

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