How To Pair Your Wedding Scent with your Partner’s

How To Pair Your Wedding Scent with your Partner’s

Choosing the right scent for your wedding is an important factor in the overall vibe of your big day. Ever since Kate Middleton hit the headlines for fragrancing her Westminster Abbey ceremony with an orange blossom fragrance and candles from Jo Malone London, it has become a very popular trend that’s worth investigating, see more about that here. But, it can be much more than that. More couples are looking to pair their personal wedding day scents in a way that mimics fragrance layering.

What is Fragrance Layering?

Fragrance layering is where you layer two different scents together so that they work harmoniously, and create something totally unique to you. Certain scent families work better together, which is why perfumers have been using these combinations for centuries, which is why we’ve created a handy guide how to pair your wedding scent to your partner’s, plus some great pairing suggestions in this post.

Afterall, the last thing you want is a clash of fragrances, and done well, it will create a scent pairing that’ll become a lasting memory you two will share forever. With so many unisex scents on the market, if you combine two in the right combination, anyone can wear them together as a tailored scent, or as individual fragrance.

How to Pair Your Wedding Scent to Make Memories

But what scent to choose for such an important day? If you wouldn’t feel like you without your signature scent, you can totally wear the one you’ve loved forever. However, fragrance expert Jonny Webber, from Perfume Direct, says that buying a new fragrance for your wedding day is a wise buy. He explains that memory is inextricably linked to scent, which is why in his opinion, everyone should invest in a beautiful, unique and evocative perfume for your wedding day.

“A scent you’ve never worn before will ensure that your chosen perfume cannot be weakened with other memories and will instead act as a time capsule of the day – strongly evoking that perfect memory for the future. Just like the dress, venue, flowers, and colour scheme – you should think carefully about the scent that you wear. It will play a major role in the day itself, perhaps without you realising it.”

How To Choose The Right Scent

Before you find a scent combination with your partner, Jonny advises to consult a fragrance wheel, which illustrates which scents complement each other. As a rule, fragrances belong to four families: floral, oriental, woody and fresh. Then the ingredients fall into these categories. For instance bergamot is a citrus note in the fresh note family. “You could opt to select a fragrance from the same family as your perfume – or from one at the opposite side of the wheel.”

Alternatively, your wedding day scent combination can have a nostalgic element, linking your day to someone else you hold dear. “You may choose a fragrance which already holds precious reminders for you, such as the one you wore for your first date with your soon-to-be life partner, or one which reminds you of a cherished family member who can’t be here – therefore making their memory part of your day.”

The Best Wedding Day Fragrance Pairings

Kayali perfume creator Mona Kattan reveals that the most important notes to search out for your scent combination are the base notes. “Usually, each fragrance contains three notes; a top which is the first fragrance you smell (this disappears after 20 minutes), an intense middle note which becomes noticeable after 15 minutes, and a base note (the strongest scent) that lingers for up to four to eight hours.”

After this time, it’s likely you’ll need a scent top up. Jonny says, “Many popular fragrances also come in 4.5ml minis, ideal if you want to re-apply your perfume throughout the day. Buy one and give it to someone in your wedding party to look after.” Now that you know where to start on your couple scent journey, here are some pairings that we think work really well together based on their base notes.

Vanilla & Lavender

Why we love it: Kayali’s Vanilla | 28 is an elegant vanilla fragrance, less sweet than you would imagine. YSL’s Libre also has the note but marries it with lavender and orange blossom, bringing a sunnier and aromatic element to the scent combination. Both are unisex and perfect for a sophisticated wedding pairing.

Musk & Milk

Why we love it: Fashion designer brand Narciso Rodriguez creates all its fragrance offerings around a heart of music, and they are some of the most romantic scents around. Here, paired with Molton Brown’s Milk Musk, a comforting milky accord with notes of pear, musk, vanilla and Tonka Bean enter the combination, creating a warm skin-like aroma that works beautifully.

Rose & Oud

Why we love it: Dior’s Forever And Ever is an eau de toilette and perfect as a wedding day scent. It has a note of a Bulgarian rose which is more like Turkish Delight than a traditional rose, married with freesia and jasmine petals. Jo Malone London’s Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense brings another rose to the perfume pairing, deepening it with sexy and spicy, Oud.

Iso E Super & Amber

Why we love it: Iso E Super is a single perfume note that has a velvety woody aroma and is believed to be influenced by the wearer’s own skin. It’s all that’s in Molecule 01 and people believe it’s the most pheromonic out there, and it works with any other scent combination. Here, it’s with Byredo’s Gypsy Water, a classic with refreshing lemon and pine needle notes that dry down to sandalwood and intense amber. Scents for an intimate wedding.

Coconut Milk & Lemon

Why we love it: Maison Margiela’s Replica Beach Walk is the closest thing to being on an exotic holiday, its coconut milk, bergamot, lemon and ylang-ylang blend is positively tropical. Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue intensifies that citrus note with a splash of Sicilian lemon, aquatic notes and a dry-down of cypress and amberwood. The perfect pairing for a beachy wedding abroad, perhaps.

Fruit & Black Vanilla

Lancôme’s La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum is a classic bridal scent. It has a flurry of fruity notes like blackcurrant and pear, and a heart of Jasmine Sambac and iris. Its dry-down notes are sensual patchouli and a vanilla accord that marry well with the woods of The Scent Le Parfum by Hugo Boss. In that, an exclusive Maninka fruit note gives an animalic element to the scent, with ginger and leather facets that dry down to a sensual and sexy trail.

Patchouli & Musk

Sensual and sassy, patchouli sometimes gets a bad rap but it’s huge in perfumery and it’s that spicy note that everyone seems to love. It’s enhanced with exotic Oud in Tom Ford’s distinctly masculine Noir eau de parfum above, and it’s softened by cashmeran and musk in Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million Royal.

Citrus & White Floral

Jimmy Choo’s Flash is one for the fun, party girl on her big day. It has notes of strawberries, tangerine and pink pepper, plus a heart of sensual tuberose, queen of white florals. Terre d’Hermès EDT is a classic masculine scent. In this, a grapefruit accord deepened with a touch of flint and cedarwood. Together, this pairing is fresh and sexy, gorgeous for a country wedding or somewhere abroad.

Mandarin & Woods

Mandarin is less zesty than lemon or bergamot, but it has a gentle sweetness that works beautifully with woody notes. Both are in Daisy Ever So Fresh by Marc Jacobs and Armani Acqua Di Gio Profondo Eau de Parfum. In the former, a bright and playful blend of mango, pineapple, rose water and cashmeran wood surround the orange note, while in the latter, bergamot, lavender, cypress, musk and patchouli create a fresh and charismatic aroma.

Rose & Incense

Incense is a smoky note, exotic and mysterious and very prevalent in male-targeted scents. In Gucci’s Guilty For Him, it’s softened with orange blossom, lavender and neroli before the note creeps in alongside patchouli and leather. In Frederic Malle’s cult classic Portrait of a Lady, a powerful rose essence is unmistakable and sits in a blend of patchouli, musk and frankincense. Together, they are harmonious, powerful and unforgettable.

How to Make Your Scent Last

When you’ve chosen your perfect pairing Mona Kattan has a few important tips about placement and how scents develop during the day to help it last below.

  • Fragrances last longer when applied to damp, well-hydrated skin so make sure your skin is moisturised before you spritz.
  • Always apply an unscented lotion, otherwise, the lotion may mix with the notes of your perfume and alter the scent.
  • If you apply your perfume to warmer areas of the body, it’ll be more intense and remain fragrant for longer.
  • More specifically, apply it to your pulse points – your pressure points naturally radiate heat.

Want to start planning your skincare regime for your big day? See our timeline for flawless skin, and find your perfect makeup artist and wedding hairstylist here!

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