Rosé Nails Are The Sweetest Summer Look For Brides

Rosé Nails Are The Sweetest Summer Look For Brides

A French mani or sheer natural nail polish is a no-brainer for your wedding day, but a lot of brides are looking to their favourite summer tipple to inspire their neutral nail look. Yes indeed, the pretty blush hues of rosé wine is serving a cool, crisp nail colour palette that’s chic, modern and give a soft-focus finish that’s so flattering on the hands. Great with every skin tone, rosé nails work well as gel nails, but are an easy home manicure option too. And just like the wine, rosé nails come in a spectrum of blushes.

There’s the pale pink Provence, that really is the little black dress of pinks and a timeless bridal nail shade, a popping Granache that’s a brilliant ruby hue with hints of strawberry and hibiscus, or you might prefer a sweeter Zinfandel with a touch of cotton candy. And of course, it wouldn’t be summer without a sparkling rosé! So keep scrolling because we have some delightful rosé nail suggestions for you to pin below.

Sparkling Rosé

Take your rosé nails to the dancefloor with a healthy dose of glitter, keeping it all tonally pink within the rosé colour family. Go with sparkling tips or just an accent nail that will catch the light.

Nails by Mina
Nails by Mina

Glazed Rosé Nails

This is two trending nail looks in one and makes for a unique-looking wedding day manicure. Adapt the glazed donut nail with a rosé hue to marry a glossy and healthy pale pink with a mirror-like shine. It’s a very chic look for longer nails.

Rosé Base

The best thing about rosé shades is that it makes for the perfect base on which to add detail, whether that’s handdrawn nail art, crystal embellishment or metallic cuffs or tips.

Ombre Rosé

Get the best of both worlds with an ombre rosé manicure look. Go for a more natural pink leading into a pale tip to reflect a natural nail which is pinker at the base of the nail bed, or reverse it entirely for a bold take.

Rosé Nail Essentials

The Basics

You’ll need these basic products to keep your mani chip-free and glossy.

  • Base coat to anchor the polish for longer.
  • Nail file, preferably a glass or crystal version to smooth the tips without tearing the nails.
  • Top coat to add durability and strength.
Look to brands like CND, Essie, Chanel, OPI and Dior for great pinky nude polishes Pic: Supplied

Rosé Nails Polishes

We love these brands, which all have gorgeous nude collections with fabulous shades of pink.

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