A Laid-Back Photographer With A Love For Vibrant Colours

A Laid-Back Photographer With A Love For Vibrant Colours

Your wedding photos are something you’ll look back on forever so when you’re at the stage of choosing your photographer, we recommend you allocate proper time to doing your research. If you and your partner love vibrant colours, our Supplier of the Day today could be the photographer for you. Stephanie Joyce is a talented photographer known for her colourful, bright photography and eye-catching compositions and her personality is a real joy to be around too! Here’s what you need to know…

Stephanie Joyce Photography

A True Professional with a Laid-Back Approach Capturing All Those Little & Big Moments On Your Big Day

For Stephanie Joyce, there’s nothing better than being a part of her couple’s special day. She relishes in capturing all those little moments for her brides and grooms that will no doubt become the big memories as the years pass. She especially loves to create emotional and heartfelt images that reflect her couple’s personalities and all the little things that make their relationship so unique and special. With her supportive and laid-back approach on the big day, she is just the kind of personal you’ll want cheering you on from the sidelines! And if you’re in any way uneasy in front of the camera, Stephanie’s gentle approach will ensure you’re feeling your very best.

‘I’ll be a bonus bestie on the day and love to get involved to help things to run super smoothly,’ she says. ‘I’ll chat with your guests, drink a wee cup of tea, and keep things very relaxed, while making sure I’m capturing all of the juicy bits of the day.’ Stephanie Joyce, is based in Belfast but she is available to capture weddings all over Ireland, so whether you in live in Cork, Galway, Donegal or Derry, feel free to give her a shout if you like what you see.

To find out more about Stephanie and to check your dates, visit stephaniejoyce.co.uk

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