A Relaxed Rustic Ballintubbert House Wedding: Ailbhe & Hazel

A Relaxed Rustic Ballintubbert House Wedding: Ailbhe & Hazel

Today’s real wedding featuring Dublin beauties Ailbhe and Hazel will charm you to no end. They were joined by 120 of their loved ones at Ballintubbert House and Gardens for their summer wedding with a rustic edge. With wonderful style, dried blooms in vibrant hues, an ultra-chic bridesmaids dress palette, gorgeous personal touches and more, there is so much to adore. The images by Madeline Mulqueen Photography exude pure joy, especially when the couple shared a romantic stroll around the gorgeous grounds of the Laois wedding venue after exchanging vows. Plus, there’s only the sweetest first dance surprise to look forward to as well. We know you’ll love their big day!

Let’s find out first how true love blossomed between Ailbhe and Hazel. “We both went to the same school and always new each other but it wasn’t until we were in college that we started to become friends. Hazel first approached Ailbhe in Lime Nightclub in Dún Laoghaire to offer a hug after her mum passed away as she had also lost her mum some years before. Our friendship started from there and developed into a relationship a few years later.”

Bride with vibrant dried flowers before her Ballintubbert House wedding

Their engagement story is gorgeous and their viszla Bailey played a special role. “We alternate doing secret date nights. While we were on a trip in our campervan in Cornwall with our dog, Bailey, Hazel set up the secret date which started off as a sunny day on the beach, followed by our favourite cocktails in the camper and a games evening. Hazel replaced all the pictures of a Guess Who board with Ailbhe’s family and friends, and after this, she presented a homemade crossword with questions and riddles about different memories of our time together and the final game was questions on our dog’s collar. When Ailbhe went over to Bailey while she was sleeping, her name tag was replaced with a new one engraved with ‘will you marry my mom?'”

The brides both flew the flag for Irish bridal design in stunning style. Ailbhe was phenomenally elegant in V-neck Edwina O’Gorman gown with gently puffed sleeves.

Ailbhe looked absolutely incredible wearing a whimsical lace top by Catherine Dean with sleek Mint Velvet trousers and chunky block heels. Their ladies looked wonderful in satin navy and sage green bridesmaids dresses.

The couple wanted an “outdoorsie feel” and they fell head over heels for the inherent charm of the Ballintubbert House and they thought the gardens were gorgeous gardens. “What really sold the venue to us was the incredible sound, laid back and easy going staff. Joanne the wedding planner was so calming and nothing ever seemed like a stress or inconvenience. Her energy, along with all the energy of the staff on the day and night of the wedding was perfect. The venue really did feel like our own for the weekend.”

Their friend Leonn was their celebrant. “She put together a completely unique and personal ceremony. She surprised us with contacting our close friends to get them to write a few words about us as a couple and during the ceremony they all stood up at different points in the room to read out what they had written. She wanted something like in Love Actually but in spoke form rather than music.”

As for their aesthetic, they opted for a rustic vibe incorporating dried flowers, neutral tones and wood. “To be honest, neither of us are very good at imagining a look so we were fortunate that Ballintubbert is set up in a way that you can walk in already feel the vibe.”

That’s the look of true love and happiness right there folks!

They have the following wedding planning advice, “Don’t tell anyone yours plan until they are set in stone so people can’t jump in with opinions that then throw you off course. Don’t stress over the small stuff – none of it will matter on the day. Try to be as organised as possible in the run up as it will allow you to enjoy the days building up to the wedding. We aimed to have nothing to do in the final week before the wedding day.” As for the big day itself, they share a nugget of advice they received from a friend, “Every hour or so, steal your partner and take ten minutes together to pause and take in what is happening.”

Of course, the newlyweds took full advantage of the romantic grounds for their wedding photos. Brilliant food and excellent music were top of their wedding day priority list. “We wanted the planning and the day itself to be stress free. The priority was for us was to have a fun day with friends and family and to not lose sight of what a special occasion it is.”

Ailbhe and Hazel’s friend found a beautiful way to honour their late mothers, by giving them both a little picture to attach to their bouquets.

There are so many creative and unique table plan ideas and we’re sure Ailbhe and Hazel’s guests were smiling all the way to their seats after seeing theirs. They dined in serious style as the couple add, “The catering by The Gourmet Kitchen was also a huge plus for us. We wanted an interactive and less formal feel to our wedding meal so we went with a feast set up and our guests are still talking about how incredible the food was to this day.”

Hazel had a sweet surprise up her incredibly stylish sleeve for her wife before dinner. “Ailbhe was allergic to the idea of a first dance so I arranged for a surprise first dance after the drinks ceremony with just the two of us in the main house of the venue. This was a perfect moment together.” The Otherside by Birdie was their first dance song.

Another incredible moment which made their day unforgettable was when Hazel’s dad gave a speech. He had just overcome cancer and was able to make the trip over from Turkey.

The couple enjoyed a three-week honeymoon in Tanzania where they soaked up the sun on the beach, snorkelled and went on safari and hiking. They advise, “If you have the time and the means, we would definitely recommend going on a honeymoon as soon as possible after the wedding. The planning and build up the wedding can consume your mind and we found that escaping away directly after was the person time to reflect, decompress and reminisce on the day. It’s crazy the amount of things that happen throughout the day that you don’t remember until you sit down and talk through it all together.”

A very special thank you to Ailbhe, Hazel and Madeline Mulqueen Photography for sharing this absolutely beautiful Ballintubbert House wedding with One Fab Day! Check out the gallery below for more wonderful pictures.

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