Authentic Storytelling With An Editorial Twist

Authentic Storytelling With An Editorial Twist

You’ve poured so much of your heart into every last detail of your wedding day, it’s only right you find a photographer who can capture the magic forever. If you and your partner are fans of documentary-style photography, you’ll love our Supplier of the Day today. Inbetween Days Photography offers a service that truly stand out from the crowd with their commitment to shooting your day from a double perspective. Alex and Laura are known for their timeless edits with an editorial edge and we love that their goal is to ‘take photos that give you that funny feeling in your tummy- the good, butterfly, kind!’

Timeless Wedding Photography Capturing Your Big Day from a Double Perspective

Inbetween Days Photography are a wife and wife team committed to chasing all those gorgeous spine-tingling moments that go hand in hand with weddings. Alex and Laura love to shoot weddings from a double perspective (you and your partner will see each other’s day unfold separately and together), something couples say makes their work extra special! The pair are all about authentic storytelling which means they love capturing moments as they happen in real time. Their editing style is timeless and they love to use true-to-life tones.

Alex and Laura are super easy-going and relaxed which makes them a pleasure to work with. They love to bring an element of fun into the day so if you’re feeling nervous about being in front of the camera in any way, these two will help bring our the best in you. Having recently tied the knot themselves, Alex and Laura of Inbetween Days Photography understand the million emotions their couples are feeling on their wedding day – and they can’t wait to capture each and every one!

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