Essential Tasks to Add to Your Wedding Day To Do List

Essential Tasks to Add to Your Wedding Day To Do List

On your wedding day, the main thing to remember is to relax and enjoy it – you shouldn’t be doing any running around, heavy lifting or admin, you hear? Everyone’s wedding day to do list will be different, but there are a few yet essential things that need to be done.

None of the tasks below are complicated or time-consuming, and some are just words of good advice, but once followed, done or delegated, you can be guaranteed that your day will run smoothly. So, read and delegate tasks where possible, so that you’re not overwhelmed with minor wedding day to do list tasks on the day!

Wedding Day To Do List
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Wedding Day To Do List: Your Wedding Morning

  • Eat a decent breakfast – eat something high in protein and avoid sugar and caffeine if you can.
  • Keep a water bottle handy – glowing skin and energy relies on good hydration. Try not to have too much Champagne or alcohol before the ceremony.
  • Assign a tidy friend to make sure the room stays clean for those getting-ready photos.
  • Assign a friend to collect or take deliveries of any last-minute flowers, décor or the wedding cake.
  • Have a timeline prepped in advance and ask someone in the bridal party to watch the clock.
  • If you’re paying suppliers on the day, give a trusted wedding party member the cash in envelopes so you’re not looking after it.
  • Check out our Ultimate Wedding Morning Checklist for Brides for more.
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Wedding Day To Do List: Things To Do for the Ceremony

  • Ask an organised friend to be at the ceremony early to ensure everything is in order.
  • Bring your marriage registration form (MRF) to be signed by you, your celebrant and your witnesses.
  • Give the wedding bands to the best man/maid of honour to hold during the ceremony.
  • Give the best man/maid of honour the officiant’s fee envelope, to be given after the ceremony.
  • Appoint someone to keep your signed marriage licence safe!
  • Read our Essential Wedding Ceremony Checklist for more.
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Wedding Day To Do List: Things To Do for the Reception

  • Pay suppliers who still need partial or full payment. Have each vendor’s payment ready in a labelled envelope to avoid confusion.
  • If tipping suppliers or waiting staff, have this cash ready in envelopes too.
  • Have a person designated to take your presents and/or cards and assign a place for them to be kept safely.
  • Introduce your reception coordinator to your wedding planner (if you’re having one), or bridesmaid/best man for questions or problems during the reception.
  • Assign a family member or attendant to be the photographer’s contact so they know who’s who, and have the photo checklist.
  • Take 15 minutes to be alone as a couple. As all of our real wedding couples testify, the day will fly by!
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If your wedding day is fast approaching and you’re still not sure what to put on the to do list, be sure to check out our ultimate wedding checklist, which will guide you through each step, from the moment you get engaged right through to the day before your wedding day. You can also give your wedding party their own to do list. We have The Definitive Checklist of Groomsmen Duties as well as The Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist so they will be well prepped and ready to help.

Need some tunes to get you in the mood? Check out our getting-ready playlist!

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