Fernwood Flowers | Natural Wedding Florist in Ireland

Fernwood Flowers | Natural Wedding Florist in Ireland

Looking for the perfect wedding florist in Ireland to add to your wedding dream team? We’ve got just the one for you! From dreamy bouquets to sumptuous arrangements and everything in between, today’s featured Supplier of the Day, the talented Fernwood Flowers can bring your wedding floral dreams to life.

A Talented Wedding Florist with a Passion for Irish Grown Flowers

Inspired by the seasons and boasting the best of Irish grown flowers, Fernwood Flowers is a boutique flower farm and design studio owned by award winning florist Brigid Riley. After returning to Ireland, after a number of years working in the US and UK, her style is uniquely expressive, romantic and natural. Inspired by the movement and texture often found in natural landscapes, Brigid creates evocative compositions of flowers, foliage, fruits and branches in her studio in rural Co. Meath, often gathering materials from the surrounding environment and from her own cutting garden.

Brigid loves to meet couples and get to know them, to build an idea of their tastes and a bit like a tapestry, Fernwood Flowers can weave flowers into the narrative of your wedding day and really make it personalised and individual. Her studio covers the Midlands and the North East of the country. Take a look at Shannon and Perry’s celebration here, Nathan and Emily’s perfectly peachy wedding here and Colleen and Ian’s stylish city wedding here.

To see more of Fernwood Flowers creations check out fernwood.ie or to chat to Brigid about flowers for your big day email brigid@fernwood.ie.

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