How Much Does Wedding Stationery Cost?

How Much Does Wedding Stationery Cost?

If you have stumbled upon this wedding post, you’re probably trying to do your wedding budget and trying to figure out how much everything costs. From flowers to hair and makeup, there are so many fine details that all add up. And one of the very first outlays you will have is for stationery. From save the dates, wedding invitations to get your guestlist going, to ceremony booklets and signage – we have an insider’s guide to costing all your pretty paper needs, courtesy of stationers extraordinaire Little Ivory Weddings and Last Colour Down.

It is worth noting, of course, that every stationer is different. Some do bespoke illustrations, while others use the most incredible materials, while others have pre-made stationery suites you can order. So this is meant as an approximate guide to help you understand how much you can expect to spend. So, let’s break down how much wedding stationery costs!

How Much Does Wedding Stationery Cost?

Save the Dates

A great way to invite the folks you truly want to your wedding is by sending out save the dates. In the end, everyone values the extra time, particularly if you’re organising a destination wedding during a busy travel period or additionally if others in your circle plan to wed at the same time! Generally, couples tend to save most of their stationery budget for invitations and keep the save-the-dates simple. Often couples may not have 100% finalised their vision for their wedding stationery when sending save the dates and are more likely to opt for a predesigned save the date rather than a bespoke design. This choice will also help with timelines as production is quicker. Bear in mind, with all stationery, when choosing a luxury option like letterpress ink or foil, this will increase the price.

When to Start Design:

6 – 12 weeks before the date you wish to post them.

When to Post:

  • For a destination wedding, it’s advised to post one year before the wedding.
  • For a local wedding, it is advised to post 9-6 months before the wedding.

Budget Guideline:

  • Low: €250
  • Average: €500
  • High: €1,000
Stationery by Little Ivory Weddings

Wedding Invitations

There are several alternatives to think about when choosing wedding invitations. Budget, design type, bespoke, custom artwork, letterpress printing, digital print, handmade materials, ribbons, wax seals, and a long list of other factors all come into play. If you’re on a tighter budget with your wedding stationery, digitally printed invitations are the most popular. Embellishments and finishing touches are a wonderful way to also add luxury and further personalise your invitations if you can stretch to it. “Wedding websites are growing in popularity each year. Particularly for destination weddings, we find couples will still opt to include a details card in their invitations for important information they would like to make sure guests see, and will push their guests to their website for further information,” says Maeve of Appleberry Atelier.

When to Start Design:

This will be largely impacted by the type of invitations. When opting for pre-designed invitations, the design should start about three months before you would like to post. Bespoke invitation designs should start at least six months beforehand.

When to Post:

  • Six months before a destination wedding.
  • Three months before for a local wedding.

Budget Guideline:

  • Low: €850+
  • Average: €3,000
  • High: €7,000+
Stationery by Last Colour Down | Photo by Yvonne Keane Photography via One Fab Day

Ceremony Booklets

Traditionally, the order of service and any other information that will be read out by the officiant during the ceremony are listed in the ceremony booklet. Most documents are printed in A4 size, folded to A5, and then bound in the middle. Other options are scrolls, which are a more cost-effective option that could look just as chic!

Budget guideline:

  • Approx €450 for 100 booklets, allowing one book between two guests.
Stationery by Last Colour Down | Photo by Gingerpixel Photography via One Fab Day

Welcome Signage/Table Plan

Given that first impressions are crucial, why not start your wedding with a feature that sets the tone for the remainder of the celebration? Don’t be afraid to go extra creative with your wedding welcome signage because it’s the ideal opportunity to set the tone of the aesthetic of your special day. Follow that unique style through with your table plan. A great tip is it repurpose your welcome wedding signage decor for the ceremony, and use it for the table plan styling at the reception!

Budget guideline:

  • Table Plan approx: €200
  • Welcome Sign approx: €150

Place Name Cards

Looking to up your tablescape by a few stylish notches? Then place card names are a lovely personal touch! These stationery additions assign guests to their exact seats. If this seems too formal, why not consider escort cards? The difference is, these can be used as a table plan and guests can choose their seat on the table they’ve been assigned to themselves!

Budget guideline:

  • Place name cards €300 for approximately 200 guests.
Wedding Invitation Wording: The One Fab Day Guide
Stationery by Appleberry Atelier

Expert Tips For Booking:

To achieve a cohesive look, most couples like to tie in the design of their stationery with the look of their day. In light of this, make sure to do the following:

  1. Aim to book your stationery as soon as you can to ensure the stationer’s availability. We have a list of Ireland’s best stationers here!
  2. Aim to have your RSVP date on your invitations at least six weeks before your wedding, this means you should have your guests confirmed to work on your table plan.
  3. Check with your celebrant on what type of accompanying stationery will suit your ceremony best.
  4. Confirm with your wedding venue if they provide any table stationery and review the options they have early on.
  5. If you have your heart set on bespoke wedding stationery, book early! Bespoke stationery has a longer turnaround time and limited availability. If possible, aim to book your entire stationery suite order at the same to ensure you secure your date.
  6. Keep in mind your ideal postal date for invitations, and keep this in mind when looking at stationery options. Certain options may not be available when timelines are tight.
  7. Start to gather your guest addresses early. This task always takes longer than expected!
  8. Bring a full invitation suite to your local post office and ask them to confirm the postage amount based on the weight. This is really important if you have opted for extra thick cards, ribbons, etc which will weigh more.

Now have an idea of the cost of your wedding stationery, why not get inspiration for your designs? We have an abundance of styles and designs to help get those creative juices flowing! Check them out below:

Huge thanks to our expert stationers Gillian from Little Ivory Weddings, Deirdre from Last Colour Down and Maeve from Appleberry Atelier who provided us with all of the expert insights and budget breakdowns above.

Once you’ve decided on your ideal stationery suite, the next step is the wording! We have you covered with this guide to Wedding Invitation Wording!

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