How To Do Perfect Textured Beachy Waves

How To Do Perfect Textured Beachy Waves

For the laid-back vibe of a festival-style or outdoor wedding ceremony, there’s no better bridal look than beachy waves and textured boho hair. Casual yet cool, the waves work well with or without a veil, look amazing with dried flowers, a flower crown or even few small hair accessories, and are a such a pretty alternative to a more structured bridal hair look.

How to do Beachy Waves

Styled properly, textured beachy waves are also ideal for a wedding abroad to counteract humidity and frizz, and can add volume to straight hair. And while we strongly advise booking a pro hairstylist on the big day, it is a style you can also achieve yourself for lower stakes events, such as your hen party, the rehearsal dinner or day two celebrations. So what’s needed to get perfect beachy waves and textured hair? We spoke to Angie Dromgoole of Zeba Hairdressing, Dublin, for a how-to guide to beachy textured waves, no matter what your hair type.

Step 1: Prep with the Right Products

Prepping the hair correctly is key to keeping volume in the final style. Angie says to start with the right shampoo and conditioner, and if you’ve got fine hair use something to add volume, but don’t use anything that’s too heavy. “Begin with the right basics, but don’t over-condition, as it’s just going to deaden the hair so it falls flat, and the wave won’t hold.” Next prep your towel-dried and damp hair with something like Tecni.ART Pli Styling Spray (€16.95), a styling product that adds volume and hold to the hair when used with heat. At this point you are ready to put beachy waves into the hair.

Step 2: Blow-Dry & Create Curl Memory

Depending on your hair type, you might need extra styling spritz at this next stage. “Once the hair is blow-dried and ready to go, you might need more Pli if your hair is fairly straight, but if you have a natural wave you may not need to put more product into it, and you can curl it straightaway,” says Angie. You can put in some Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray (€21.03), to make it look more dishevelled and textured. If you have very straight, fine, or even heavier hair you’re going to need a product to hold it.

“Use Tecni.ART Constructor Thermo Active Spray, (€14.08) when you’re ready to curl the hair with a styling tool like a GHD, tongs or a wand. If you spray this in the hair first it will protect the hair from heat and give it curl memory, so it’s going to hold and it won’t drop during the wedding or at your party.”

Step 3: The Curling Technique

How you curl the hair is as important as what you use to get the look. For beginners, Angie says the number one easy tool for beachy waves is a curling wand because you don’t have a clamp on it. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Do the underneath section of the hair first if you have thick hair.
  2. Clip up the rest of hair at the crown of the head to keep it out of the way.
  3. Pick up a piece, wind it around the barrel.
  4. Hold it for six to seven seconds and then unroll it.
  5. Don’t wind them all in the same direction. Wand the first piece forward, and the next section back and continue. You don’t want the curls to be the same as they will just all fall into each other.

Step 4: Get a ‘Lived-In’ Look & Great Hold

Once your beachy waves are in place, you can add texture to the equation for a more ‘lived-in’ Boho look. “At this point, you can use a salt spray such as Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, (€10.95), to give the hair a bit more texture,” advises Angie. “If you want that more 80s look to your beachy waves we sometimes spritz with this and put a hairdryer with a diffuser to the hair to give it a more shag-like style. You can really create whatever wave look you want.’

Step 5: Set to Guarantee Hold & Finish

To be sure your hair lasts the whole day Angie has this last tip. “To finish, a little hairspray adds extra hold and I find medium-strong hold is enough. If you’re going for that beachy waves look you don’t want anything that’s too stiff, but a medium hold will give the hair that longevity you want for your wedding. The thing about using styling products for the hair is because they have curl memory you can forget about frizz or humidity, they let you style and mould the hair. It won’t move and will stay in place.”

To choose the best one for you, see our post on the 11 Best Hairsprays for Brides.

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