Tara Carroll | Top-Class Wedding Solemniser

Tara Carroll | Top-Class Wedding Solemniser

Today’s Supplier of the Day is Tara Carroll, a HSE Registered Solemniser, whose sole aim is to make sure your wedding ceremony is personal, meaningful and fun! She believes that every couple deserves a unique wedding ceremony, one that reflects them completely. Tara writes each couple’s personal love story into their ceremony, so it is a lovely time for reflection for the couple and guests as they hear how this point was reached in two people’s lives. Known as one of the best wedding celebrants in Ireland, Tara ensures that the atmosphere is relaxed and stress-free for your and your guests!

A Solemniser Who Will Make Sure Your Ceremony Is Personal, Meaningful & Relaxed

With Tara Carroll leading your ceremony, you can include as many traditional, religious, or non-traditional elements as you would like. Tara meets with each couple to spend time getting to know them and what they want, and Tara will talk you through lots of different options until you find the type of ceremony that suits you and their family. It is also often a part of the ceremony which allows for some laughter at funny stories that couples have, or the unusual ways that their personalities complement each other.

Tara Carroll loves nothing more than seeing a couple smiling at each other, laughing and really enjoying and being present for their wedding ceremony, and looks forward to planning your unique wedding ceremony with you!

To find out more, check out spiritualceremonies.ie/registrars/tara-carroll-osui/

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