When Do I Take my Wedding Veil Off?

When Do I Take my Wedding Veil Off?

There are some wedding-planning questions that play on your mind for months (how do we decide on a venue? who do we have to invite? etc.) and others that might not even occur to you until the big day itself! Today, we’re tackling one of the latter dilemmas, the question, “When do I take my wedding veil off?” There are no hard and fast rules on this one – it’s really more of a personal choice! – but there are three really popular points in the wedding for removing your veil, and a few important factors to take into account when making your decision. So let’s get stuck in, already!

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When Do I Take my Wedding Veil Off?

When you remove your veil is really a personal choice, but the most popular times to take it off are

1) straight after the ceremony, 2) after you’ve finished having your wedding portraits taken, and 3) after your reception entrance, but just before dinner. This generally depends on how long the veil is, how cumbersome it is to wear, and whether you’ve got any costume or hairstyle changes planned! The most important thing is to ask a wedding party member or friend to remove it for you (see below!)

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How Should I Remove my Veil?

Ideally, your hairstylist would remove your veil for you, but they’re unlikely to still be around when you want to take your veil off, unless you’ve paid them for a longer day. Instead, you should ask your hairstylist to show your Mum, a bridesmaid or a friend how to do it in the morning. It’s not recommended that you remove it yourself. Generally, the best method is to gently pull the comb upwards to release it, while holding the hair in place with one hand, but your hairstylist will be able to give your Mum or bridesmaid more specific instructions. Remember that there may be extra pins holding the comb in place, too!

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